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Client Feedback 17-24 September 2011
Client Feedback 17-24 September 2011

“I loved the variety, timing of the schedule with change of meals, types of food, timing, locations, choices, quality of lunch 5 Star. Great friendly hosts, caring atmosphere.” Nancy Rabe Cogsill


“The programme of walks was wonderful – I thoroughly enjoyed every day.  The walk leaders were very friendly, knowledgeable and informative and made each walk a pleasure. I chose this holiday for the walking and the social activities and it worked perfectly on both counts.  The other members of the group were welcoming and friendly and made me feel part of  them.  I had a wonderful time” Sue Riley


“It was very interesting and varied.  I really enjoyed the walking and the small of rosemary and thyme.  A big thank you to the guys –John, Mike & Chris.  Dave leads a really good team.  I really enjoyed the company of the rest of the group – you made it very easy to enjoy.  Many thanks.” Andy Anderson


“Most enjoyable!  I enjoyed most the walking, learning the history of the region, exploring the villages, meeting a variety of people, having free time away from the group, and the VERY accommodating staff – Thank you.”  Joan Hooks


“The programme was good and the staff were very accommodating with regard to tailoring the walks to different needs.  Thank you.  I really enjoyed interacting with all the people in the group; being fed and not having to prepare food.” Katy Williams


“The programme was good, easy and  harder walks choices worked well.... The catering was great.  Maria’s excellent!” David Williams


“The walks suited me ... there was a choice of shorter or  longer walks as clearly some of the group were more comfortable with less taxing walks. Great atmosphere, accommodation good, nice people in group and nice friendly leaders.  Walks were excellent.” Eunice Watson


“Very accommodating programme.  Really appreciated the beach walk, and this last walk were two of my favourites!” Jack Chamberlain


“Good variety of walks.  Guides are friendly and helpful as well as knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever walking holiday.  I loved the mix of the group and the structure which made everything easy.  I loved walking in a lovely part of Spain with beautiful weather. It met all my hopes and expectations.” Angela Locke


“I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere where I did not have to plan, think or organise anything!  I loved the meals at your home and at Maria’s...” Suzanne Sizer

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